The Film – Walter


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After an encounter with Walter Breuning, the World’s Oldest Man, Hunter Weeks and his fiancée, Sarah, embark on an adventure to meet the oldest people in the world, including some of the people born in the 1800s. Capturing the extraordinary lives of people 110 years or older, including World’s Oldest Person, Besse Cooper of Georgia, the couple’s journey sheds light on what is truly important in life. Traveling across the United States, Cuba, and Italy, Hunter and Sarah explore life’s lessons through the stories of several living supercentenarians and the families that support them. WALTER connects us to the inspiring lives of our elders and their lessons for living life right.

The Filmmakers – Producers

Hunter Weeks



Hunter Weeks has directed and produced six American
feature films, including award-winning films Ride the Divide (2010), 10 MPH (2007) and Where the Yellowstone Goes (2012). He’s led efforts to bring major partners on board to help fund and promote the films, including such companies as CBS Sports, Quiznos, YouTube, Crocs, SmartWool, Fender, and Chipotle. He’s also the author of the 10 MPH DIY Manual, which discusses unique PR, Marketing, and distribution insights on how to distribute indie films both digitally and conventionally without a major distributor. Hunter is a contributor and consultant with Workbook Project and has spoken on his achievements in distributing and marketing films at various major film events, including Sundance Film Festival, Galway Film Fleadh, The Conversation, and DIY Days.

Sarah E. Hall



Sarah E. Hall is the producer of WALTER as well as the outdoor journey documentary, Where the Yellowstone Goes (2012). Sarah is a writer and editor with a background in Television Production and Marketing. She made the move to film after nearly a decade in Minneapolis working for Hubbard Broadcasting. Sarah has been published in Big Sky Journal, several blogs, and in a 72-page companion journal detailing her work with Where the Yellowstone Goes. Sarah is currently in production on Coming Clean, a documentary about the Potomac watershed and influence of the Clean Water Act, and also a narrative feature about women in the early days of the Peace Corps. She lives in Bozeman, Montana with her husband and Alby the dog, where she enjoys hiking and vegetable gardening.

Marcos Rodriguez

Associate Producer
Marcos Rodriguez is a Cuban-American entrepreneur, movie producer, businessperson and investor. He is the founder and CEO of numerous American media outlets including KLTY, KUUR, an FM radio station serving the Carbondale, Colorado area and “TV Aspen” KCXP-LP, a television station in Aspen, Colorado. These radio and television stations represent the only locally-owned stations in Aspen. Recently, Rodriguez founded a new entity called Public Radio Foundation to acquire radio stations and operate as a Not for Profit and also served as an Executive Producer on the feature film JOBS.

Charles J. Akin

Associate Producer
Chuck is a people person that loves to connect the dots. A lover of story and a compassionate creative thinker. He has produced several long form narrative and long form documentaries, short form narrative and documentary, as well as commercials, PSA’s, music videos and a hand full of industrials. He is co-owner of oogoog productions and brings over 15 years of experience to the producing table. If there are problems, Chuck is the guy you want on your team to help solve them. And his mantra is; “if you can’t have fun doing it, don’t do it.”

Nada Abdulla

Associate Producer
Nada Abdulla is a visual anthropologist from Yemen with huge interest in visual representations of cultures through images and moving pictures. She is an aspiring independent filmmaker who has been trained in filmmaking in various places around the world, such as Kuwait, UAE, Australia and UK where she produced a number of short narrative and documentary films.