Walter announces digital release

April 8, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.49.45 AMWatch WALTER: Lessons from the World’s Oldest People on iTunes & Amazon

Award-winning 5-time director Hunter Weeks tells a story about the world’s oldest people as seen through a journey with his fiancée Sarah E. Hall. They travel the world meeting a handful of the oldest and some of the very last people born in the 1800’s. The goal: to learn about the things that truly matter. The film, inspired by Walter Breuning, follows a heartfelt journey to Georgia, Minnesota, Montana, Texas, Cuba, and Italy.

Now, it’s available on iTunes and

Audiences have fallen for WALTER. Share this sweet story of life and love with your friends and family.

Quick facts
* There are only five people alive today verified to have been born in the 1800’s
* WALTER: Lessons from the World’s Oldest People screened in theaters in October and November 2014 after a festival premiere at Bend Film Festival in Bend, Oregon.
* Walter Breuning lived to be the 5th oldest man ever.
* Besse Cooper (featured in the film) lived to be the 8th oldest person ever.
* Misao Okawa (not featured) is currently the oldest living person. 116 years old.
* Two of Hunter’s previous films are currently available for streaming on Netflix (Ride the Divide and Where the Yellowstone Goes). All of his films are on iTunes.
* Hunter’s first film, 10 MPH is the first feature documentary on YouTube

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Great Night in Athens

April 1, 2014

Athens Cine

Robert Young, Sidney Cooper, Hunter Weeks (from left)

Feeling the Love in Athens

“Such a great experience, and one that I’ll never forget. Thank you for this film!” – Jon M.

[They] did a wonderful job with the film! Glad I was able to see it!
– Bekah W.

Last night’s screening at Athens Ciné marked not only the Georgia premiere of WALTER but also the first time viewing for Sidney Cooper, son of former World’s Oldest Person, Besse Cooper.

The event was part of the Alfred P. Sloan Science on Screen Series, with gerontologists Dr. Leonard Poon and Robert Young on hand to speak about the well-being of seniors and super-seniors. Director Hunter Weeks was there to join the discussion and Q&A session about the film and the relationships we have with our elders.

“I have so much respect and appreciation for the warmth and support I received in Athens for last night’s screening.” said Weeks.

Though there’s a lot of interest in the science behind longevity, WALTER sparked a different understanding of growing old for the audience. Rather than simple fascination of age, viewers were touched that the film honors its subjects by sharing their stories and giving value to their lives. WALTER strives to remind its viewers to stay connected to elders who are often forgotten in our fast paced society.

WALTER next screens at the Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival on April 3rd.

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Victoria, TX Indie Film Fest

March 21, 2014

Victoria TX Indie Film Fest

Victoria TX Indie Film Fest

WALTER to Kickoff VTX Film Festival
by Jennifer Preyss

What’s the meaning of life?

Ask independent film director Hunter Weeks and his wife, Sarah, and they may have an answer.

So, too, might one of the filmmakers’ handful of supercentenarians – people 110 years and older – interviewed in Weeks’ recent indie release, “Walter.” Full Story

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Chatting with the World’s Oldest People


WALTER-Press2-WalterBreuningWorld’s Oldest People Interviewed In Hunter Weeks’ New Film, ‘Walter: The Movie’
by David Moye

The 21st century is 13 years old and there are only seven people on Earth who were alive during the 1800s.

In addition to that lucky group, there are only 53 other people on the planet who qualify as “supercentenarians” — people at least 110 years old.

Colorado filmmaker Hunter Weeks interviewed six of these very old souls for “Walter: The Movie,” in hopes of discovering their secrets. Full Story

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