100 years, that’s nothing – Minute 11

Everybody – At that time the railroad – Empire Builder was hauling people to Glacier Park. They’d haul ’em in Pullman cars, park the Pullman cars there, and then they’d go over and stay in the hotel. And at that time, the trains were full of people coming in for Glacier Park during the summer. Really it’s a beautiful park – so many things to see and so many places to go – wonderful. INTERVIEWER: And that’s, that’s part of our purpose here on this earth, right? WALTER: And this year I think they’re breaking a record with the number of people that’s going into there – to Glacier. INTERVIEWER: Did you know it’s also the Centennial – 100 years of Glacier Park this year? WALTER: Yeah – 100 years – yeah. I’ve heard that, but that’s nothing you know.