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WALTER-Press1-WalterBreuning WALTER-Press2-WalterBreuning WALTER-Press3-BesseCooper
WALTER-Press4-BesseCooperGuinessWR WALTER-Press5-JuanaBautista WALTER-Press6-JuanaBautistaFamilia
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WALTER-Press10-ObamaLetter WALTER-Press11-SisterMaryBerchmans WALTER-Press12-HunterWeeksSarahHall

Left to Right
1) Walter – Walter takes a moment to think about his response while talking with Hunter Weeks.
2) Walter Breuning
3) Bonded – Paul Cooper shares a moment with grandmother Besse during her Guinness World Record induction.
4) GWR – Robert Young (standing) displays the 2011 Guinness World Records book featuring Besse Cooper as the World’s Oldest Person.
5) Juana – Juana Bautista smiles a greeting to visitors.
6) Familia – Juana Bautista and family pose on the front porch of a Ceiba Hueca cottage.
7) Mary – Mary Tankursley flashes her signature smile in daughter Maxine’s, front room.
8) Listening – Mary Tankursley listens to her daughters share stories from their upbringing.
9) Ruth – Ruth Anderson shares stories from her life at Marshall Avera Care Center in Marshall, MN.
10) Happy Birthday, Ruth – Ruth Anderson’s (inset: center) birthday letter from President Barack Obama in honor of her 111th year.
11) Convento – Sister Maria shares stories of her friend, Sister Cecilia, 109.
12) Hunter & Sarah – The filmmakers take a break on a Montana roadside.