There will be a lot more good changes – Minute 32

We had machinery come on and I’ll tell you that made working so easy. Type out a card with everything on it and that was the end of the line. That was the difference. That’s the changes, you know. Look at television, radio – how that helped the country. Without those, where would the country be today? Beautiful. Beautiful the way it’s worked. And every change is the same thing. All good for the better. And there will be a lot more good changes.

Everything happened during that 100 years – Minute 31

DIR. HUNTER WEEKS: What are some of the things that have happened in your life that amaze you today; some of the technological evolution or whatever – or events that have occurred in the world? What are some of the bigger things? WALTER: Everything happened during that 100 years. I’ll tell you that. With all the changes, so many people say ‘we don’t like changes’. Well I’ll tell you – without changes, you wouldn’t have nothing in the country today. And you’re going to find out – ten years from now, you people will find that out. You’ll find that different changes that are made and when the changes are made, they’re going to be better for the people. When I was working on the railroad, we had pen and ink. Pen and ink everything.